• Respecting customer rights
  • Working together as a team
  • To produce creative solutions
  • To operate in accordance with technical data
  • Be innovative and focused on continuous development
  • Being pioneer and example
  • Being aware of his / her responsibilities

Why us?

  1. We are ambitious in quality, fast service and affordability.
  2. We respond to all your requests on the same day.
  3. Order delivery times are very short. (Maximum 10 days.)
  4. We will prepare your new product samples in maximum 10 days. 2-3 days in case of emergency.
  5. We provide technical support to your product designs and offer alternative designs.
  6. We know your expectations from the product very well.
  7. Customer treatment comes before our own treatment. We stand behind the service we provide
  8. We can communicate in Turkish-English-German-French-Russian-Persian-Arabic
  9. We produce in Istanbul-Moscow-Baku. We serve you from the closest point.