Our Environmental Policy

To protect our environment and to ensure the continuity of all environmental laws and directives, keeping environmental impacts under control by reducing these impacts to improve our environmental performance and to realize the whole product production activity of this consciousness "Operational Business Excellence" to ensure a clean environmentable environment for future generations.

COŞKUN KAUÇUK A.Ş. activities to realize our policy.

  1. To provide continuous improvement and improvement by providing all legal generalities and customer requirements regarding environmental dimensions.
  2. To provide protection of natural resources by reducing the use of raw materials and using appropriate technologies that harm the environment in the frame of technical and economic opportunities.
  3. Consider environmental impacts in plant and process design.
  4. Improving our environmental management system for continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
  5. To raise our awareness of our responsibilities to the environment, our subcontractors and the public, and to ensure their participation.
  6. To be in constant communication with suppliers and customers in order to improve the environmental impact of the product.
  7. Recycling and re-evaluation alternatives by reducing waste that may occur as a result of production, storage, operation, treatment and maintenance activities.
  8. Reducing the emergency risks that may occur within the framework of occupational health and safety rules, and establishing the health, safety and environmental integrity.