Coşkun Rubber Industry and Trade Inc. started its activities with the production of rubber profiles with a capacity of 50 tons / month in 2005 in İstanbul İkitelli region and 500 m2 closed area. It has proved its existence in the sector by achieving great success in 10 years. As of 2015, with three countries (Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan) through the facilities established in its own property it serves all over the world.

TEKIRDAG-1 / TURKEY: 20.000 m2 10,000 m2 closed area

TEKIRDAG-2 / TURKEY: 20.000 m2 10,000 m2 closed area

MOSCOW / RUSSIA: 30.000 m2 closed area at 90.000 m2

BAKU / AZERBAIJAN: 5000 m2 closed area at 10.000 m2

Rubber profile extrusion, all production types (co-ex, steel, yarn, belt, garments, etc.) as well as the production of rubber injection press products and cord fabric and steel reinforced high pressure resistant multi-purpose mandrel hoses are also produced.

Works in fully integrated facilities with Extrusion, Injection, Dough, Tool and Laboratory.

Our production capacity as of 2017:

Rubber Roving and Gasket Manufacturing: 30.000 tons / year

Mandrel Hose Manufacturing: 30.000 tons / year